We Love Leicester Market – Good Harvest

July 11, 2014


In the heart of Leicester, the competition to satisfy the hunger of shoppers and workers is fierce, with numerous eateries offering something different to appease the appetite of the masses.

However, one establishment has stood the test of time and continues to thrive where others falter – and much of its success is down to a strong partnership with Leicester Market’s traders.

Good-Harvest-01Good Harvest, located on Leicester’s Charles Street, has been in existence for 18 years. Serving a range of breakfasts, sandwiches, snacks and drinks, Good Harvest’s ethos is simple – fresh, delicious food that is prepared in front of your eyes exactly the way that you want it. It’s an ethos that has served the establishment well.

“At first, we were the only sandwich shop in the area,” explains Mrs. Lak, who has been working at Good Harvest for the past ten years.

“We started with traditional English sandwiches before changing things little by little to respond to demand. Today, we offer a huge variety. We have a number of fillings, ranging from the traditional English favourites, to foreign tastes such as Mexican chicken and chicken tikka.

“Our main aim is to create fresh sandwiches to order,” Mrs. Lak continued.

“A number of sandwich shops pre-prepare their sandwiches and have them available off the shelf which makes for a poor quality sandwich. We want to ensure that the customer gets exactly what they want, even little things like having butter or not. I honestly can’t count the number of fillings we offer; there are so many of them!”

“All of our bread is delivered fresh daily, and we hand-make our fillings here each morning.”

In order to provide the city’s public with delicious offerings made from scratch on-site each day, Good Harvest relies on being able to receive fresh produce on a daily basis. To ensure this, Mrs. Lak explains how Good Harvest relies on a strong relationship with Country Fayre; one of Leicester Market’s long standing traders who now reside in the brand-new Food Hall.

Providing a large range of local produce, including meat, poultry, eggs and cheese; Country Fayre delivers fresh produce to help fill the numerous slices of bread, cobs and baguettes that Good Harvest prepares each day.

Good-Harvest-02“I would say that 50% of our ingredients are sourced from Leicester Market,” she said.

“Things such as cheese, ham, eggs, bacon – all of these are supplied by Leicester Market, as are our vegetables.

“There are many reasons why we source ingredients from Leicester Market,” Mrs. Lak continued.

“First, it’s fresh and high quality, and secondly it’s very convenient. The Market is close to our shop and if we’re ever running low on anything, we can give them a ring and they deliver to us. We receive an incredibly high level of service from Country Fayre, who share our aims in many ways.

Good-Harvest-05“Cheese is a prime example of our superior offering. So many sandwich shops buy their cheese pre-packed, whereas we buy a block from Leicester Market and grate it ourselves here; little things that just add to the freshness we aim to deliver.”

Whatever time of day you walk past Good Harvest, trade is brisk. Whether it be early to mid-morning, where the shop’s huge range of breakfast sandwiches prove popular – to the lunchtime rush where hungry people can choose from an plethora of fillings (some of which, including their superb coronation chicken, are prepared in front of your eyes), Good Harvest is rarely empty.

“Bacon and sausage is very popular, because our grill oven allows for them to be cooked with less fat,” revealed Mrs. Lak.

“The quality of our bacon, which is Danish bacon delivered by Country Fayre, is fantastic. At lunchtime, both our cheese and chicken fillings prove very popular.”

Good-Harvest-03Whilst Good Harvest’s proud opening ten years ago may have heralded the first sandwich shop on Charles Street, today there are a number of establishments providing competition. However, Good Harvest is not afraid of change, with the quality of food ensuring that people continue to come back for more.

“Competition will always have an effect,” said Mrs. Lak.

“However, the quality of the food that we deliver on a constant basis is perhaps something that others are unable to provide, especially if it’s a busy period for example. The food business is interesting in the sense that you need to be able to deliver quality even when you’re rushed off your feet. We try to ensure that we deliver freshness and quality at all times.”

A huge supporter of Leicester Market and the produce that traders provide, Mrs. Lak is one of many people pleased to see Country Fayre and other traders move into the brand-new Food Hall, which opened at the end of May.

Good-Harvest-04“It looks nice, and I’m keen to see what happens with the next stage of the development,” she said.

“I think that the Food Hall improves the standard, because the old food hall was dated. The new Food Hall is cleaner and it’s a nice change to the previous indoor food hall. Hopefully, more people will also choose to buy their produce from Leicester Market.”

Good Harvest is located at 107 Charles Street and is open Monday – Saturday.