Clothes and Accessories

Thursday – C35, C36, C37

Underwear, Lingerie, Nightwear, Ladies Shawls and Outerwear, Caps, Gloves, T-Shirts, Jeans and Men’s Outerwear
Wednesday – B58, B59, B73, B74

We are a family run business that has been at the Indoor Market for 40 years. We offer a fine selections of cheeses and hams and we are Leicester’s only tripe stall.

Belts, Belt Accessories, Belt Repairs
Monday – Saturday – Unit 22

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Hats, Gloves and Scarves
Wednesday – C79Thursday – C11, C12Saturday – C80

Nicola Johnson ( Manager)

Menswear, Boyswear
Monday – Saturday – Unit 42

Friday – C78

Jan Rate

Hosiery, Underwear, Nightwear, Socks
Monday – C3, C11, C12Tuesday – C56, C57, C82Thursday – C38, C39Saturday – C38, C39

Sports Clothes
Wednesday – C45

Handmade Fashion and Accessories
Saturday – A4

Monday – C35, C36, C37Tuesday – B104, B112Wednesday – B101, B102, B114

Saturday – B74

Ladies Clothing, Knitwear and Fashion
Tuesday – B85Wednesday – C3Thursday – B99

Bags, Cases, Purses and Belts
Monday – B40Wednesday – A13Thursday – A13

Wednesday – C78Thursday – C80Friday – C34Saturday – C77


Tuesday – C10Saturday – C7

Lingerie, Nightwear, Hosiery, Underwear
Monday to Saturday – Unit 1

Socks, Underwear, Gloves, Nightwear
Tuesday – C3, C4, C11, C12Wednesday – C38, C39

Underwear, Socks, Gloves, Hats, Underwear, Nightwear, Scarves
Monday – C52, C53, C58, C59Tuesday – C50, C51, C60, C61Wednesday – C46, C47, C48, C49, C64Thursday – C50, C51, C60, C61Friday – C52, C53, C58, C59Saturday – C46, C47, C48, C64

Childrenswear, Babywear
Monday – C78Thursday – C78

Hats, Jewellery
Wednesday – C44, C67Friday – C68Saturday – C44, C67

Ladieswear; Mens, Ladies and Children’s Knitwear
Tuesday – C62, C71, C72, C73, C74Wednesday – C60, C61, C62, C72, C74,Thursday – C72, C74Friday – C60, C61, C73, C74

Jewellery, Hair Accessories
Tuesday – C38, C39Wednesday – C30Saturday – C56, C82

Bags, Purses, Wallets, Gloves, Hats, Scarves, Belts
Monday – C30Tuesday – C15, C16, C19, C20Wednesday – C4, C11, C12Thursday – C56, C57, C82Friday – C38, C39Saturday – C30