Trader Spotlight – Vicki Chapple

April 24, 2014

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Produce: Fruit and Vegetables

We checked in with long-serving Leicester Market trader, Vicki Chapple, to find out more about her huge range of fresh fruit on offer to shoppers within the city; in addition to discovering what Vicki thinks makes Leicester Market special…

How long have you been trading at Leicester Market?
I’ve been trading at Leicester Market for eight or nine years, but before that I used to run somebody else’s business here; Ratcliffes. In total, this year is my 30th working at Leicester Market, and I decided that, as I was doing everything for somebody else, I may as well do it for myself.

I was working for Ratcliffes for 16 years, and I had worked for a stall called Crichlows before that. Crichlows had been here for many years – and is still here – but run by a different owner. I started when I was 12, as a Saturday worker, and I’ve stayed here ever since.

What has kept you at Leicester Market for so long?
I like the characters and meeting different people – it’s great.

There are a lot of fruit and veg stalls trading at Leicester Market. What do you feel separates yours from the others?
We try to do things slightly different on our stall. We have produce that is different quality to others; a variety of fruits. I try to buy the fruits that are hard to buy. When things get tight down the wholesaler, I prefer it that way because I’ll have a go. I’ll spend good money and see what my return is. I like that.

Is there a particular product that is popular with shoppers?
Cherries. I’m probably one of the biggest cherry sellers on Leicester Market. They’re always of the highest quality and I sell the big-spec cherries. They may be among the more expensive on Leicester Market, but they’re definitely worth the extra money.

What do you feel makes Leicester Market so unique?
There are obviously a number of different ethnicities in Leicester, which makes the Market unique in itself by just walking around. I think the banter at Leicester Market is special. We take a lot from the customers, but we give a lot back and customers love it.

The service you receive at Leicester Market is better than anything you get in a supermarket. We like to build up a rapport with our customers and they like to pop down for a chat whenever they have time.

What’s your final message to shoppers coming down to Leicester Market?
Come to Vicki’s Fruit – you’ll be well looked after!








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