Trader Spotlight – Mark Millwood

December 23, 2014

Duvets00Location: Market Square

Located at the heart of Leicester Market, trader Mark Millwood is impossible to miss.

Adding to the special atmosphere created at Leicester Market, with a stall that’s one of a kind, Mark offers a number of different bedding designs.

Mark spoke to us about his time at Leicester Market, working with his son and what he feels keeps customers coming back for more…

How long have you been trading at Leicester Market?
I have been trading at Leicester Market for five years now, but I have been trading for over 30 years up and down the breadth of England, Wales and Scotland. I ended up here because there isn’t another stall like it.

What do you like most about Leicester Market?
The atmosphere as a whole at Leicester Market makes it a great place to work; however, I personally like how important family is, with many of the stalls, including mine, being family-run businesses. I run my stall with my son. Many of the stalls get passed down through the generations, which is great to see, and brings with it a fantastic environment to work in. I also love how busy Leicester Market gets and all the different nationalities around on a daily basis. It’s great learning about different cultures.

What inspired you to set up the stall?
I wanted to find somewhere to trade that had not already got this particular product. I also enjoy the atmosphere on Leicester Market.

What are your most popular products?
The most popular products can be to do with seasonal changes. In the winter, I would say that the most popular product would probably be throws and things that keep you warm! In the summer, the most popular products tend to be things like bedding.

What are you most proud of?
If I am honest, I am most proud of how my stall looks. I take pride in setting it up and making it look nice. How the products are displayed to the public is very important. My son and I spend half-an-hour everyday making it look as nice as possible- we have got it down to a fine art now.

How has the stall changed over the years?
Over the years, the stall has essentially stayed the same. The designs of bedding change and we are constantly bringing in new stock and design to keep customers happy.  We have a lot of regular customers so it’s nice to be able to offer them something new when they return to the stall.

What do you think keeps people coming back to you?
I have a lot of regular customers that I have built up a relationship with over the years. Even when people aren’t coming to buy something if they walk past they will always say hello, which is nice. It makes coming to work nice and shows people appreciate me being here, which is a good feeling and shows I’m doing something right!

Have you got messages to shoppers coming to visit Leicester Market and your stall for the first time?
You can expect good quality and reasonably priced products. I offer a wide variation in products; I have a mixture of everything to meet different tastes. We are honest and hardworking down here. If a product from my stall is not up to the customer’s expectation, they can bring it back and have an exchange or refund; so if you take a product home and the wife doesn’t like it you can bring it back!

We are always friendly and will always help you in the best possible way we can. If you don’t know exactly what it is you want, we will guide you and if I haven’t got it I will send you to somewhere that has. Come down and see for yourself!