Trader Spotlight – Keith Ashmore

November 11, 2014

KeithAshmoreMainLocation: Food Hall

Leicester Market is renowned for its vibrancy. One of the best things about the Market is the fantastic variety of produce available for Leicester shoppers to absorb and enjoy.

Inside the brand-new food hall at Leicester Market, which opened earlier this year, with its natural autumn sunlight flooding through the building’s beautifully coated glass panels; we caught up with butcher Keith Ashmore, to find out more about life in the new building.

Keith stocks a variety of fresh, locally-produced meat and poultry, available in a host of cuts. With their expert team of butchers on hand to help, shoppers can also gain an insight into how to best prepare and cook their purchase.

How long have you been trading at Leicester Market?
I have been trading on my own stall at Leicester Market for four years. Before that, 25 years ago, I traded here temporarily for six years; still as a butcher but working for somebody else. I have been settled in what I am doing now for the last four years and I have to say I really enjoy working at Leicester Market.

What do you like most about the Market?
The different people you see on a daily basis. I see people from all environments and cultures; it’s a great environment to work in with both the shoppers and other traders. There is always a lot going on here and I am at the Market from 6:00am to 5:30pm, so I come across a lot of people in a day. Leicester Market is always a fast, busy place, which is good to work in.

How have you benefited from moving into the new indoor food hall?
I was doing well in the old building, but I have benefited greatly from coming into the new food hall. It’s a lot nicer and a much better environment to come and work in. I’m right near the door and the big glass windows, so it’s nice and bright and I can speak to people on their way in and out of the door. The new food hall is a great place for us to work and a great place for people to come shopping.

Which of your products is most popular?
All my products sell really well, but I suppose I would have to say I sell a lot of mince. I have definitely got a good trade with mince; it’s the sort of meat everybody uses. I have a lot of regular customers that come back for mince and tell me they would only ever buy my mine, which is good to hear. I sell a large variety and I make a point of having different meats and mince, which is important.

What do you think keeps a person coming back to you?
I think quality, service and competitive prices. I also have to say relationships; I have a lot of regular customers that I see a great deal of, which I know is important to everyone here at Leicester Market.

Do you take pride in your produce?
I am proud of all the meat I sell, it’s all local produce and it’s handpicked. Most of it comes from Melton and is hand-picked live. When you see it that way first, and picked like that, you tend to take a bit more card. When it’s hand-picked, you want to make a nice job of it.

Have you got a message to shoppers coming to visit Leicester Market?
For people that haven’t been down yet: come along and have a look. Everything I sell is value for money, quality meat… it’s second to none.

Keith Ashmore trades at Leicester Market between 6:00am and 5:30pm, Monday through to Saturday.