Trader Spotlight – Just Falafel

October 13, 2016


One of Leicester Market’s newest traders is trying to buck a trend. With so many fast food outlets available in the heart of the city, Tawfiq Ahmed is endeavouring to provide people in Leicester with a heathy, delicious alternative – falafel.

Tawfiq runs Just Falafel, located just outside the Food Hall at Leicester Market six days a week – and he is a man on a mission; that mission being to bring introduce as many people to falafel as possible. And whilst the name of his outlet is Just Falafel; what he offers is anything but.

“Falafel is a delicious vegetarian food that more and more people are eating and enjoying,” explains Tawfiq. “The idea of setting up my own business came from a friend of mine, who has three shops of his own in Coventry. They were really well received over there, so I wanted to bring falafel to Leicester and show everybody how good it is.”

falafelFor the uninitiated, falafels are a delicious round, golden-brown croquette. It’s crispy on the outside, but warm and moist on the inside. 100% vegetarian, the recipe for falafel consists of quality fava beans, chickpeas, chia seeds, onions and garlic – accompanied by a blend of spices including coriander, fennel, cinnamon and mint. They’re naturally gluten free and packed full of protein.

Served in a number of ways, Tawfiq takes great pride in his falafel wraps, which are packed with falafels, fresh salad, pickles and hummus, with the wrap then toasted.

“There aren’t a huge amount of vegetarian places in the city centre, but falafel is one of those vegetarian dishes that don’t feel like they are, it’s like a meatless meat,” adds Tawfiq.

“If anybody ever wants to come to us and try falafel to see what it is – I will always give them free falafel. Usually, straight after, those people will order wraps.

“The focus is on making it fresh. You have to have falafel within 10 minutes of it being cooked – so that is what I will always aim to do.

“I now have regular customers – and all of them have fallen in love with falafel. As a result, we’ve had a number of people ask if we can do delivery – and we’re going to do exactly that. We’re bringing in another two guys who will deliver on bikes.”

Alongside falafels, which Tawfiq and his team serve in wraps or individually, Just Falafel also serves lamb and chicken wraps, fresh fruit/vegetable juices and provides diners with a range of meal options.

“Another thing that is really nice is that all of our ingredients come from here, all of it right from Leicester Market,” says Tawfiq.

“It’s great that I don’t have to worry about getting hold of fresh ingredients!”

To download Just Falafel’s menu in full, please CLICK HERE

Just Falafel is located outside the Food Hall at Leicester Market and is open Monday – Saturday.

Head down for lunch or dinner today!