Hungry Dog

Hungry Dog

Chances are, you might not have spotted Hungry Dog at Leicester Market yet – but trust us, once you find them, you’ll keep coming back for more.

One of the newest stalls at Leicester Market, Hungry Dog is located at the back of our award-winning Food Hall, opening out into the wonderful new Market Square, and offers a mouth-watering selection of delicious hot dogs, burgers, chips and breakfasts – all made with locally-sourced produce available within the Food Hall at a Market favourite, Country Fayre.

The man behind Hungry Dog is a familiar face. Tim Pole established Country Fayre at Leicester Market and is now branching out to feed the hungry masses of the city – we caught up with him for a chat about what people can expect from Hungry Dog…

What’s so special about Hungry Dog?
Our hot dogs are a little bit different. We’re not your usual hot dog stall where it’s just sausage, onions and mustard. Of course, if you want to have a plain hot dog, that’s fine. However, you can also have a sausage with a bit of chilli in it too.

On top of that, you can enjoy some different combinations, including The Hungry Dog, which is two sausages, chilli-con-carne, onions and cheese. It’s a good challenge and in 2018, we’ll be adding some new items to the menu.

Street food is increasingly popular – why do you think that is?
I think a lot of people are going back to what they know. People like modern food, but will always love old-fashioned street food like hot dogs, burgers, chips with different flavours – and they are the things that we’re looking to provide but at a very high quality. It is all new to us, but we love to try new things and working on different projects.

Is the food you’re serving available within the Market?
The sausages that you will try at Hungry Dog are the sausages that you can buy at Country Fayre; so if you like what you’re eating, you can take that quality home – albeit not in the jumbo size we use for our hot dogs; so we keep what Hungry Dog serves unique.

Has being a part of Country Fayre for so long helped bring customers to Hungry Dog?
Being part of Country Fayre, I know a lot of customers to the Market. It’s nice to see them and they do come to Hungry Dog. We’ve had to try and accommodate what people want, so with it being cold we have installed a coffee machine, which makes a lovely range of coffees and hot drinks. However, it’s a brand-new business and people are still finding out where we are – so hopefully offering more, accompanied by the weather getting better, will help that.

What dishes are you most proud of?
We’re proud of The Hungry Dog, but we’ve also got The Market Special, which is a burger comprising of two 8oz burgers, bacon, pulled pork, onions and cheese – again with the burgers being plain or spiced with chilli. There’s something to satisfy every appetite and new for this year, we’ll be offering meal deals which will include a burger or hot dog, chips – either regular or sweet potato – and a drink at an incredible price.

All of our burgers and hot dogs come with a range of sauces – tomato, brown, mayo, garlic mayo, sweet chilli, BBQ and yoghurt and mint – and because Country Fayre offers locally-produced cheeses as well, you can have a choice of cheddar, applewood smoked and blue stilton in your burger or hot dog. Stilton is very popular.

What can you offer that nobody else on the high street can?
We can guarantee the quality of our food. We’re not expensive. With us, you can be assured that we know what goes into your food. We don’t buy in from anybody – we make our burgers and sausages on our own premises. You can’t get that anywhere else.

What are the plans for the future?
We want to get bigger. We’d love to start here and, if things continue to go well, I’d love to have a mobile trailer. That’s my aim. We’ll always stay at Leicester Market, but we’d love to branch out to offer Hungry Dog to events and shows.

Hungry Dog is located at Leicester Market Food Hall, backing onto Market Square, and is open Monday – Saturday.

Pop down during your next lunch break or when you’re peckish and try some of the freshest street food available daily in Leicester.