Trader Spotlight – DeJohn’s Fruit and Veg

May 19, 2016

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If you want quality fruit and vegetables at reasonable prices, sold with impeccable customer service, then Leicester Market is the place to visit.

DeJohn’s Fruit and Veg stall is a traditional family-ran stall which was first set up in 1968. Wayne Harper, who currently runs it alongside his brother and sister, started working at the Market in 1984 – and still can’t get enough of the buzz of trading.

Explaining what keeps him hooked on being a stallholder, Wayne says: “I like talking with people. It’s just different. Every day is different.”

And this is a trait which is clearly shared by the workers at every establishment in the Market; the traders clearly love meeting people. From new customers to the old regulars, everywhere is busy and conversations are constantly in full flow.

Providing the best possible customer service is something that Wayne is incredibly dedicated to. Alongside this he’s also fanatical about ensuring the produce is absolutely top-notch: “To keep people coming back, don’t give them an excuse not to come back.

“Keep the quality up, that’s the main thing. It’s an obsession really.”

With a plethora of fruit on offer at DeJohn’s, there’s plenty of variety for customers looking for items such as fresh bananas, grapes or apples for healthy snacks.

This range is something which attracts people to the stall says Wayne and nobody just buys one item on a visit – they’ll pick up a mix of produce.

The superior value is another draw for people visiting the Market, Wayne believes: “People buy a range when they come to the Market. The price sets us apart from the supermarkets and we still sell good quality stuff.”

DeJohn’s Fruit and Veg is open at Leicester Market on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, at the following stalls:

Tuesday – B76, B77 and B84

Wednesday – B92, B94 and B95

Thursday – B44, B45, B54, B77 and B84

Saturday – B28, B40, B62 and B70

The Outdoor Market is home to a wide range of stalls and is open Monday to Saturday 7:00am to 6:00pm.

If Wayne’s passion for trading has inspired you, find out more about becoming a trader at Leicester Market by clicking here

Below are some more images of DeJohn’s at the Market:

dejohn apples

dejohn wide

dejohns grape and banana