Country Fayre

Moving into the new Food Hall hasn’t just meant a better working environment for the team at Country Fayre, it’s also helped them to attract a crowd of younger customers.

Country Fayre - cheese

Thanks to its attractive design, the new premises has meant that more people are spotting the modern building and deciding to venture inside to do their shopping.

Tim Pole, who runs Country Fayre, said: “We’re getting a younger generation back into the place.

“We’re not just getting the old regulars now – we’re getting the kids from the parents who used to come here, now that it’s a nicer and fresher environment.

“We’ve started getting more students, because they know they get better value for their money. We get more now than we did in the old place.”

The combination of the move and the stall now being open Monday to Saturday means the meat and dairy specialists can now draw customers away from the supermarkets, which they struggled to compete with previously.

“Now we’re open six days a week we are competing with the supermarkets. Most of the time we are cheaper, our products are fresher and shoppers are getting a personal service, not just a till,” said Tim.

Country Fayre’s most popCountry Fayre - sausagesular produce is generally its expansive range of locally-sourced sausages, and the team at the stall sells around 500 of these every week. Customers can already choose from 12 different flavours of sausage, and Tim is always on the lookout for new items that his stall can offer.

“Everyone wants something new all of the time. We try to move along with the times,” said Tim, “We have gluten-free options and low-salt bacon; a lot of people have allergies these days or want to reduce their salt intake.”

As well as catering for market-goers with its produce, Country Fayre supplies a number of local restaurants and cafés – further highlighting the quality of the food on offer.

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Leicester Market’s Food Hall is open from Monday to Saturday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.