Trader Feature – Barry Leader

May 5, 2014

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – Unit 47

Produce: Food & Drink

Eggs don’t come much fresher than those available at Barry’s Eggs at Leicester Market. Run by Barry Leader, the range and quality available is second-to-none.

Barry explains the difference that fresh eggs make, in addition to taking readers through the variety he has on offer every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at Leicester Market…

How proud are you of your incredible variety of eggs?
I’m very proud of the variety, although you speak to me at a time where we have sold out completely of our goose eggs and double-yolkers!

However, as proud as I am of the variety, I am more proud of the freshness. They have to be fresh daily for me. What I don’t sell one day will be sold by 10:00am the following morning; that’s the most important thing.

What impact does that freshness have?
The taste of the egg is totally different. If you go and buy an egg from one of the supermarkets, they can be 42 days old before they reach the shelf. My eggs will be two days old before they reach your kitchen. Taste one of these eggs compared to a supermarket egg – and there will be no contest.

What are the most popular eggs you sell?
With my double-yolk eggs, I never take any home. Goose eggs are popular, but we also don’t have the quantity that we do with other eggs. With the double-yolkers, I just can’t get enough. I set up stall at 7:30am and by 11:00am; the double-yolk eggs can be gone completely.

I’m very proud of a number of things I offer; the price, the freshness and the cleanliness.

What do you feel makes Leicester Market so unique?
Just look at the characters; it’s full of them! I first started on Leicester Market, believe it or not, in 1962. I did have a break, so I’ve not been here all that time, but for me it’s always come back to Leicester Market. Across the board, everybody sells fresh, good quality products. I feel that the Market is the lifeblood of the town centre. Whilst some may not appreciate it, if it was to go, people would really miss it.

You talk about supermarkets; this is the best supermarket you could possibly get.

How did your stall start up?
I started the stall 23 years ago. I helped somebody for a little while, and then took it over later. I actually ran this stall here and a computer stall at Loughborough. Now, we purely sell the eggs; here for three days and two days in Loughborough.

What would your message be to people yet to discover Leicester Market?
Please come and try us!