Shopper Testimonials

Shopper Testimonials

“It’s one of the best in England! I just go down there and walk around, buy dragon fruit, the missus likes it. It’s got bread stalls, cake stalls, stalls that sell all PlayStation and Nintendo games, lovely cheese, brilliant fish. Great market, man.”
Tom Meighan, Lead singer of Kasabian

“Leicester Market has always reflected the vibrancy of our city.”
Leicester City Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby
“Leicester Market is the heartbeat of our county and I’m delighted it has been recognised for such a prestigious national award. It is essential that we all support our local services, such as the market, especially given the current economic climate. I am passionate about Leicester and I’m proud to call it my adopted home.”
Steve Walsh, former Captain of Leicester City Football Club
“I adore Leicester Market. I remember going there with my dad and sister and buying Cressy’s Peas. There was a sign that said, ‘North, South, East and West, Cressy’s Peas are the best.’ We still say that now whenever we have peas in the pod. The market is the heart of the city.”
Andy Nyman, best known for Channel 4’s Dead Set and film Severance
“You can’t beat it for freshness – and I always look out for independent shops. The quality of service is so much better. It is nice to have the human contact as well.”
Town Crier Tony Green

“Leicester Market is a fantastic place to shop. There’s everything you need under
one roof, at affordable prices and you are supporting local traders and the local
economy. I absolutely love it there!”
Katie Benn, Leicester

“As I work in the city centre, I shop at Leicester Market most days, during my work
breaks. I love the variety of produce, friendly service and the fact that I always get
change out of a £10 note!”
Paul Dhillon, Oadby

“I shop at Leicester Market because it’s cheap and I’m a student and it’s a lot cheaper than all the supermarkets and stuff like that. I really like the atmosphere, I love coming here.”
Robyn Pooley

“I mostly buy fruit veg and salad from the market for the variety, its fresh isn’t it – it’s not pre-packed. I saw the other day that everything that’s pre-packed is washed in more chlorine than a swimming bath so at least I know I’m not buying anything with chlorine in it.”
Kulvinder Dosanjh

“I come to the market because I’m in Leicester and it’s usually a bit cheaper, there’s plenty of choice.”
Ian Boyd

“I work in town and I come in on a Monday or Tuesday when I’ve finished work. I think the fruit and veg is good quality and it’s quite cheap and that’s usually what I’m coming for. Sometimes I buy material and again it’s a good price.”
Katheryn Grocock-Matts

“It’s convenient, nearby and I’m curious. I like to look around and see if there’s anything new or for whatever I need, I find it usually here on this market.”
Bernard Couzens

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