It’s Never Too Early to Plan Your Christmas Feast

Leicester’s famous market is gearing up for the busiest week of the year by filling its stalls with everything you need for the perfect Christmas dinner.

As well as offering the freshest fruit and vegetables, the market’s also the place to go for chickens and turkeys, hams and sausages, dates and figs, and an impressive selection of cheese for your festive cheeseboard.

There’s also a huge range of fresh fish – and all the ingredients you’d need for a nut roast, with chestnuts, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts all available at a fraction of the price charged by the supermarkets.

With more and more shoppers keen to get ahead of their Christmas plans, Leicester Market is a great place to visit and ensure that your orders of fresh, locally produced meat and cheese are placed.

The bright and airy food hall has been serving shoppers with fresh meat and fish, cooked meats and sausages, and cheese and deli produce since it opened in May 2014.

The outdoor market is open from Monday to Saturday

The food hall is also open from Monday to Saturday. Christmas trading hours will be published in due course.

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