Eggs Benedict

November 29, 2013

EggsWith so many of our wonderful indoor market traders offering delicious free-range eggs, this dish is perfect for Christmas morning.

We’ve split our recipe into two parts, so that you can make your own Hollandaise sauce prior to poaching your eggs.

Hollandaise Sauce

3 tablespoons of white wine vinegar
6 peppercorns
1 dried bay leaf
2 eggs, yolks only
125g/4oz of butter
Lemon juice & salt and pepper to taste

Put the vinegar in a small pan with the peppercorns and bay leaf. Reduce the vinegar over a high heat until there is only 1 tablespoon left. Strain the peppercorns and the bay leaf from this reduction.

Put the egg yolks in a food processor with the vinegar reduction.

Gently melt the butter so that the butter solids fall to the bottom of the saucepan.

Turn the food processor on and slowly pour the butter on to the egg yolks with the motor still running. The sauce will start to thicken. When only the butter solids are left, stop.

If the sauce is too thick, add a little hot water.

Season to taste with salt and pepper, and lemon juice.


Main Dish

6 tablespoons of hollandaise sauce

6 large, fresh eggs

12 slices of pancetta, grilled until crisp

3 English muffins; split in half horizontally


Preheat the grill to its highest setting.

Make the Hollandaise sauce (as above).

Poach the eggs.

When the pancetta is cooked, keep it on a warm plate while you lightly toast the split muffins on both sides.

Butter the muffins and place them on the baking tray, then top each half with two slices of pancetta.

Put a poached egg on top of each muffin half and then spoon over the hollandaise, covering the egg (there should be a little over 1 tablespoon of sauce for each egg).

Now flash the Eggs Benedict under the grill for just 25-30 seconds, as close to the heat as possible, but do not take your eyes off them – they need to be tinged golden and no more. This should just glaze the surface of the hollandaise. Serve straight away on hot plates.