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Bloggers Highlight Leicester Market Experience

With a huge range of delicious fresh fruit and vegetables, in addition to locally sourced meats, fish and cheeses, it’s no surprise (to us anyway) that Leicester Market is a go-to destination for food enthusiasts.

Recently, the Market was pleased to welcome two food bloggers for a special visit, which provided insight into the food, traders and history of Leicester Market. On a chilly September morning, bloggers Bejal and Neha were given a guided tour of the Market, Food Hall and New Market Square by Development Officer, Adam Piotrowski.

Readers can now enjoy the latest edition of each writer’s blog now, revealing how they found their experience at Leicester Market and what fellow foodies can expect from one of Leicester’s most famous spots.

Bejal said: “I am a Leicester born-and-bred travel, food and lifestyle blogger. I have a real focus on supporting local independent businesses and have been coming to Leicester Market for over 30 years. Leicester Market has always been a bit of a city landmark for me and there’s no better place to pick up my weekly favourites.”


To me Leicester Market is a melting pot of cultures, flavours and traders whom I’ve got to know over the years and visit religiously for fresh produce. It’s a place that is just so authentic to Leicester and I can guarantee that on almost every visit I’m sure to bump into an old auntie or friends!

Leicester Market is a place where, whilst you make your way through the narrow paths in between the stalls, glancing occasionally down at your food list, with the loud cries of traders shouting out about their offerings, you will begin to hear yourself mentally concocting dishes with the fresh harvest presented before you!

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Meanwhile, Neha said: “I am Neha and my blog is where I share information on various experiences on travel, food and lifestyle. I was born and raised in Kenya and moved to the United Kingdom when I was 17. I love providing genuine feedback and knowledge to help others and share information. Blogging is my hobby – so nothing is too serious in my posts!”


Markets are somewhere I love to visit at home and when on holiday. Something about them gives you a brief insight of area. Leicester Market is no different.

The Food Hall butchers offer a large selection of quality meat and poultry. The Deli traders have a fantastic variety of artisan cheeses such as Red Leicester, Melton Mowbray Pork Pies, cooked sliced meats, bacon and local pork pies and are happy to give you samples to taste before you purchase.

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