Monday 3rd August 2015

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Leicester Market | Crowned Britian's Favorite Market 2009

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Click Here to Read More Trade For A Fiver With New Specialist Trader Scheme»

Do you want to trade for a fiver at a bustling City Centre market? Do you have something different to offer? If so then you could be eligible for the new Specialist Trader Scheme.

Click Here to Read More Fusion Flavours – Festival Favourites Now Market Regulars»

After bringing its portable food service to last year’s summer food festival, Fusion Flavours took the opportunity to have a permanent presence in the city centre.

Click Here to Read More Verity’s Market Café – Now Offering More than Ever»

Verity’s Market Café has expanded its menu massively since opening at November’s Winter Food Festival, and is constantly introducing new delicious treats to keep customers happy. The Café now serves customers a wide range of food, including both hot and cold options. New offers include Pie Tuesdays, where a range of pies are served with […]

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Click Here to Read More Crowds Flock to Global Market»

Shoppers in Leicester were spoilt for choice last week (8th-12th July), as a huge mix of authentic continental treats were made available daily as part of The Global Market.

Click Here to Read More Leicester Market Marks 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta»

In celebration the Market Customer Service Centre (2-4 Market Place South) is displaying a collection of old weights and measures regularly used in Leicester in its window and putting on some special events.

Latest Trader Spotlights

Click Here to Read More Trader Spotlight – Sherwin’s Cheese Bar»

As soon as you walk into Leicester Market’s new Food Hall, you can’t help but smile as the senses come under attack through a mixture of amazing sights and smells courtesy of the Hall’s traders.

Click Here to Read More Trader Spotlight – Verity’s Market Café»

Bacon, crumpets and Yorkshire tea; what more could shoppers and traders at Leicester Market ask for? Following the grand opening of ‘Verity’s Market Café’ in November’s Winter Food Festival, we caught up with Verity herself to find out why she decided to set up the café and what she has on offer to satisfy your taste buds…

Latest Food Blogs

Click Here to Read More Proper Potato Salad»

Sometimes you just have to make something yourself if you want achieve the result you desire… Adam Garett eulogises over his fresh and simple Potato Salad recipe in his latest food blog.

Click Here to Read More Spring Vegetable Stew»

Calling this a vegetable stew may be a little misleading; a stew signifies long slow cooking which is not required for this dish. But if you wanted to get technical, you could call it a ‘vignole’ which is the Roman name for this type of cooking.

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